PaSharp 12.0 is released

Founder PaSharp version 12.0 is now officially released

The new version gets some new features such as:

1. New feature in Warp#

Warp adds new grid adjustment method.

It is convenient to select the entire row and column.

Support "Decay rate" when adjust warp grid.

2. New feature in Search#

Search# supports image with transparency, this feature includes linked image.

3. New feature in Mark#

Smart Text mark supports to use XML file add customized text. 

4. New feature in Ink#

Ink compensation can choose ink for compensation.

5. New feature in Trap#

Rich Black: Adds the item of "Pure" which only supports the selected ink;

Supports customized ink; Supports "Darken" method.

White Underprint: Supports customized ink; Supports "Darken" method.

6. New feature in Ink#

Add new feature of "Extract Black", extracts single black from composite black object which achieves the purpose of saving ink.

7. New feature in Barcode#

Supports magnification range from 25% to 200%, the recommended range is 80%-200%, but allow 25%-200% for special requirement.

Barcode of EAN 13/ISSN/ISBN supports addon of EAN-2 and EAN-5.