PaSharp 11.5 is released

Founder PaSharp version 11.5 is now officially released

The new version gets some new features and improvements such as:

1. Support MAC OS Monterey 12.0

2. Support Windows 11.

3. Support Adobe Illustrator CC2022.

4. License Manager

Support to release current user of the local service license from PaSharp menu.

Support to set loading or not loading PaSharp plugins when restart AI next time.

5. New feature in Trap#

Image Trap supports transparency setting. If the image transparency is less than the minimum value, trapping will be ignored, trapping starts from the position greater than or equal to the minimum value.

6. New feature in Trap#

Keepaway trapping supports to preserve multiple inks.

7. Support to output CAD layout to a CFF2 File.

8. New feature in Nest#

Add a "Paper size" option in "CFF2 Preferences" under "Step & Repeat with CAD Layout", change the current sheet size to the size setting in the Cff2 file according to this option.

9. Improvement in Trap#

Fix some bugs of trapping, improves the trapping result of some problem files.

For more information, please refer to the What’s New of PaSharp 11.5.

To find out more about the new version of PaSharp, you can go visit our website or contact us by email.

                                                                                            Dec 2021