ElecRoc 6.5 is released!

ElecRoc 6565 version is now officially released!

What’s new in ElecRoc 6565 version

Installation and configuration

1. ElecRoc server can support Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016.

2. ElecRoc client can support Mac 10.12/13/14.

3. Acrobat plug-in can support Acrobat DC version.

4. Use One-key Tool to implement the operating system configuration easily, you don’t need to do anything, just one click, it will automatically do the configuration.

New functions and improvements

1. Optimized the kernel, improved the processed speed and stability

2. Add Backup and Restored functions for server setting, you don’t need to configure the setting for the reinstallation.

3. When manually submit the file to the processor, the parameters of the processor can be modified.

4. More than one job or resources can be archived at one time.

5. LAB spot color can be created in the spot color table.

6. Add Update Preview function in the right-key of the output file, once the file was edited in Acrobat, use the function to submit it and update the thumbnail image.

7. The parameters of the processors in job can be saved as a template on-the-fly, you don’t need to reset the parameters again.

8. Improvements in the function of Hot Folder.

9. In PDF CMS module, add the Black Preserve function, it keeps the gray images and graphics to the black separation.

10. Add Ink Convert module, this processor is developed to convert one separation to the other separation.

11. In PDF Rasterizer module

     a. Add two options: Keep overprint on image with white color and Keep overprint on spot color to keep the overprint effect of spot color when it is converted to CMYK;

     b. Add Scaling First or Rotation First option to decide the order of operation.

12. In 8 Bit Tiff Export and PDF Export modules, add Create Subdirectory option.

13. In Pre-RIP Proof and Post-RIP Proof modules,

     a. Add Quality Certification button, can directly open the Quality Certification tool with the data;

     b. Can support Epson SC-p5000, Epson SC-p6000, Epson SC-p7000, Epson SC-p8000 and Epson SC-p9000 devices;

     c. Add some media types to Pre-RIP Proof and Post-RIP Proof modules.

14. In Ink Control Export module, can create the name of PPF file with the defined suffix and joint symbol; can combine the front and back PPF files using the defined suffix and joint symbol to one PPF file.

15. In Imposer module,

     a. Optimize Adjust layout size according to job size function.

     b. For Creep Control, add Scale function. It will scale the page size according to the value of creep.

     c. Add Smart Signature Mark smart mark. It will automatically add the mark to the side of the assigned page.

16. In Imposer and Composer programs,

     a. Add the position function of layout and page. It will be convenient to get the position of layout and page with the sheet or plate

     b. In Imposer and Composer programs, add Single Line to control the default line of External CutLine and Internal CutLine; Add Apply to All option, if it checked, the parameters will be used for all opened and created templates.

17. Color Tools

     a. In color matching step, you can through Quality Certification button to do quality certification.

     b. In Quality Certification, can print the QA result as a PDF file.

     c. In Spot Color Tool, can add at least 1000 spot colors to color calibration file.

     d. Support the latest Eyeone and Eyeone ISIS measure devices.

18. In 1 Bit Tiff Export module, can use the defined CMYK value to display the spot color in TIFF bitmap files.

19. In PDF Merger module, add Use surface name option to name the merger file with surface name.