Floating License of PaSharp is now available!

Floating License is available for the new version of PaSharp v8.5. You may choose Floating License, Local Service or Cloud License three methods for PaSharp.

The Floating License can be activated online or offline, the latter goes a separated online computer to get and transfer the activated license code; it can continue to be used only by regular network authorization; it can be migrated between multiple computers.

The Local Service license can work for internal of group, it requests a Windows based computer to manage the license and provides more flexiable and convenient license switching service among all clients in the local network.

The Cloud License is an authorization way of connecting to the internet all the time.

Besides, PaSharp 8.5 is functional upgraded by supporting output package cut line data to JDF file in nest#. The JDF can be used by the cutter machine.