EagleRIP Flexo 5.1 is released!

EagleRIP Flexo 5.1 is released in November 1st 2017.

Several functions have been improved in the new version. It supports to crop page bitmap in manual ganging function and to save the cropped bitmap as a 1 Bit TIFF file.This new version supports to overlap page bitmaps in manual ganging function, and to arrange up and down relationship of the overlapped bitmaps. The surface size in ganging window can be modified. In the new version, RealDot Viewer is an option, which means that you do not need a separated license code for RealDot Viewer anymore. Besides, RIP 5.1 will remind you when there is only 15 days left before expired.

Feel free to contact us to upgrade your license code of EagleRIP Flexo 5.0 to EagleRIP Flexo 5.1.