Founder will release ElecRoc Flexo edition of version 6065.

Founder Flexo Screening

1.      Support optional FlexoRound dot shape: New screening technology designed for flexo printing, pure round  dot shape with 7.5 degrees offset.

FlexoRound 1

   Cyan:82.5         Magenta:52.5           Yellow:7.5          Black:22.5

FlexoRound 2

   Cyan:67.5         Magenta:37.5           Yellow:82.5          Black:7.5

2.      Support optional FlexoRound Balance dot shape: On highlight, based on AM screening technology, we adopt dots with different sizes - small, medium and large,increase gray level. This special technology can break  the limitation of highlight dots in Flexo printing and reproduce 1% or smaller dot.


3.      Support optional Miracle Cell technology: Increase Ink density of shadow in Flexo printing. On shadow,  based on FM screening technology, by adding extract tiny dots in the shadow, this special technology greatly improves the shortage of insufficient solid ink of Flexo printing, and gets an excellent print quality.

End value of miracle cell

Miracle cell type sets to single, density of extra tiny dots is fixed

Miracle cell type sets to gradient, density of extra tiny dots is variable

Different miracle cell density setting

4.      Implement highest image resolution to 9600dpi, achieve more accurate images, smoother tints and a greater color gamut. FlexoRound screening supports lower frequency.


5.      Support optional real dot viewing tool: RealDot Viewer, an essential checking tool. By browsing all the details of the real dot on the monitor, to do the final check before printing, so as to secure the  output file on Flexo CTP plate is perfect without any error.

Support Spanish GUI

Spanish GUI on English OS plus Spanish language package.

Optimizations & improvements

1.      Optimize the kernel, thus enhancing the stability of the file processing; improve the processing speed of the transparent elements.

2.      Optimize rename function of the PDF Export and 8 Bit TIFF Export processors.

3.      Modify the multi-select function of job lists in Mac client.

4.      Fix some bugs which are in ElecRoc V6060.

5.      Improve the automation of ColorTools and automatic color calibration.